Scratch My Back ESL Card Game

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Roleplay ideas that work:

Here are some ideas for conflict roleplays. They work well, and keep going for a long time, because each of the students have conflicting objectives.  

For tips on how to create your own roleplays, click here.

Choosing a holiday destination, where students each have different ideals (i.e. one wants a beach holiday, the other wants to go to Vegas), one is rich, the other is (secretly) poor etc.

Choosing a pet. There are many ways to set this up. Perhaps you have to choose a pet (or mascot) for the English school. Perhaps imagine they are all sharing a house, and need to agree on a pet together, perhaps first ask the students about what pets the like or dislike, or any allergies they may have,  before assigning them different pets they must lobby for.

The desperate salesman: Find a good example of something useless (eg doing a google search for 'chindogu' (useless Japanese inventions).  Make a list of obscure reasons why someone might need this object or objects (perhaps brainstorm with your students). Next set up a scenario whereby one student is desperate to sell this item (or be fired), and another has some unusual needs, or characteristics which can perhaps be fulfilled by buying the said item.

Handing over the key to a building (which you have promised to look after) to a stranger who says s/he is a close friend of the owner (who is out-of-reach).

Returning a recently purchased item (where you suspect the saleman is a gangster)