Scratch My Back ESL Card Game

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Scratch My Back Materials and Resources:

Game Rules and Tutorials:

  • Scratch My Back standard rules (pdf) English / Japanese 
  • Scratch My Back animated tutorial (powerpoint / exe  flash file) Note: As the powerpoint presentation is animated, it requires powerpoint, or powerpoint viewer to work properly.( i.e. it won't work properly with google docs)
  • Simple games (pdf) English  (updated June 2010 to include extra ESL classroom games)
  • Rule extensions and strategies(pdf) English
  • FAQ (pdf) English 

Classroom Materials:


About the different Game Versions:

Scratch My Back standard rules of play 

This version contains all the elements of an exciting card game: strategy, luck, fluctuating fortunes, word play, and the reading your opponents. This game is recommended for language students and native speakers alike. 2-6 players.

Simple Games: NEW!

Two simpler card games playable with the Scratch My Back deck: 

'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions' and 'Freestyle Conversation', which bares some similarities to 'Crazy 8's'.

Plus two simple yet effective ESL games - providing an easy entrance point for new players.

Scratch My Back (extended rules) 

These extra / optional rules add a little more skill and variation for those in need. You'll want to master the standard version of the game first, however.